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How to prevent zika virus essay

how to prevent zika virus essay

poses another challenge for people traveling to countries where Zika transmission is active, coming back and infecting their partners, Gonzalez said. It was just on TV that pregnant women are concerned about using the pesticided Zika spays like deet, since anything that touches the skin gets in the bloodstream to all the organs, and pesticides harm brains. Loss of pregnancy, stillbirth, and other congenital disabilities are also more likely. In 2016, a major outbreak in Brazil raised international awareness, and cases due to mosquito-borne transmission have been reported in the United States (U.S in Texas and Florida. The problem with Zika is that it poses a threat to unborn babies. These are distributed by the CDC. After a person has had the virus, they are protected from it in the future. And the basic cost of either spray/topical or oral would be under a dollar a bottle. Within a month they magnanimously created these two formulas. To my surprise he said, Yes. In May of 2015, Brazil saw a link between pregnant women who had been infected with Zika virus and a birth defect in their babies known as microcephaly.

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Some authorities believe that global warming is facilitating the breeding of Zika virus carrying mosquitoes, and additional species may be implicated in its transmission (Late, 2016). Essay for college application format urdu Oliver: November 28, principles essay about accounting a memorable childhood experience essay 2017. Virgin Islands, Guam and Hawaii (Potential Zika range in the.S., 2017). In the.S., most cases have been linked to travel, but a few have resulted from mosquito-borne transmission. Researchers estimate high-risk US cities for Zika transmission. Will the Zika virus become a pandemic?

What should I know about the Zika virus : Symptoms, facts, and diagnosis El Paso getting education on preventing