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Indeed, the film slowly but surely abandons all pretence of being a serious political thriller. What slender value the film does have has little to do..
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Happy ending english essay

happy ending english essay

to take meaning from a bot. If we did, we would have implemented them. Sir Joseph (talk) 20:35, (UTC) What is the ideal number of X and Y that avoids people going on AWB-based typo fixes (or comparable mass efforts) from being spammed. (Really a good solution would be if people deliver notifications to their own 'side'. SMcCandlish 16:47, (UTC) @ SMcCandlish : I concur with your first four sentences but wholly disagree with your last. This is the basic principle of academic assistance company! I'm not terribly afraid. Any scheme like the one proposed here would need to be cleared first by ArbCom via WP:arca. Izno ( talk ) 18:27, (UTC) I think it would have to be based upon a page notice template, or edit notice, already having been put on the page or talkpage. They aren't external, they are to a Wikimedia sister project. Omson ( talk ) 16:35, (UTC) Oppose : There's already enough lead section clutter from templates, and this would just impose another permanent addition.

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Prices are acceptable for people who dont have much money. I suspect that that would be a great example for you of what is deemed too long. Arb com has in practice I think used this as a technique for avoiding dealing directly with problems itself by letting other people do the actual dirty work. The creators of the Internet and lots of human rights organisations strongly oppose it, the Wikimedia Foundation has made an official announcement of opposition, and Wikipedia has already taken a public stand against. Alanscottwalker ( talk ) 17:04, (UTC) @ Alanscottwalker : Please see Template:Ds/alert and WP:AC/DS. This is not as staightforward as it seems: take reverts for example, how will the bot tell if it's the routine everyday reverting of vandalism and test edits or the persistent POV reverts without which a large portion of existing sanctions wouldn't have been imposed? The main merit I see in this idea is that a bot notification lacks an obvious target for retaliation.

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