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Pharmacy automation system thesis

pharmacy automation system thesis

Flowof event Flowof event. Alternative sequence Step 7: If the system cannot successfully delete the medicine then system displays not delete message Step 1-7: if the user enters cancel the pharmacy management system will Stop the operation. It also manage the employee record. Pharmacy Manager Human who control the pharmacy management system. The pharmacy management system is easy for use so the user can do pharmacy actions without ambiguities. JDK- java development kit IDE- integrated development environment. Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Entry condition The pharmacy manager system must Be on process and login to the system. Manual based system: The system that uses was paper based and arranged on the shelf through functionality of documents. Exit condition The pharmacy manager making trans-action could not be processed. 17 - Dependency include login into the system Flowof event. 1.2 Scope With the development of specific and potent synthetic drugs, the emphasis of the pharmacists responsibility has moved substantially towards the utilization of scientific knowledge in the proper use of modern medicines and the protection of the public against dangers that are inherent.

The purpose of the languages. Show More, no Downloads. The set-up of this pharmacy management system will ensure availability of sufficient quantity of drugs and consumable materials for the patient. Object Model The pharmacy management system described in methodology of Data dictionary and class diagram. 7 - up on arrival of batches of drugs and upon drugs movement essay on aging population in canada out of the unit, for example, dispensing to patients or product recall or loan to other clinics/hospitals. This involves manually entry. Entry condition The pharmacy manager system must be on process and login to the system. 20 -. The searching process is based on the name of the give data or the identification of the item. The pharmacy manager use option of the about then Help. Sequence diagram for Login into the system. And the other one is data security, the datas can be accessed anyone who entered to the pharmacy house as friends, other Humans without the volunteer of the pharmacist.

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