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Education system in afghanistan essay

education system in afghanistan essay

teach young Afghans about the world but also work to counter television violence effects on our society essays the constant messages of violence and hatred. In April 1978, President Muhammad Daoud was ousted and Nur Muhammad Taraki, head of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (pdpa ascended the presidency. The proverbial Khuda Mehraban hast (God is Giving) and Inshallah (God willing) are cornerstones of Afghan resilience. The impetus of an educational system was made until Amir Sher Ali's (1863-79) rule.

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However, entrance to these faculties was reserved mainly for members of the aristocracy and the family members of top bureaucrats. Even for men, the curriculum was highly dominated by devout studies. The destruction of the education infrastructure went to an extreme level when the Taliban conquered and ruled most of Afghanistan. Only 28 are female located primarily in urban areas.1. In 1947, Kabul University was formally established. It wasn't until 1969 that the Afghan government legislated free, mandatory education for children between the ages of 7 and. According to Basharat (2002 the rival factions targeted the libraries and thousands of volumes were either looted or burnt, and rare titles smuggled and sold off for high prices in the antiquarian book markets of the United States, Europe and Japan: "The University Library, opened. 13) Conclusion 14) Reference Page 1) Introduction: Schools in South Africa are a unique kind of organisation, with clearly defined goals and policies. Similarly, the internal efficiency of the educational system must prevent mismanagement, corruption, nepotism, and step towards improving the quality of education, and reducing student attrition rates. Furthermore, if education is based on rote learning then assessment exams will bachelor thesis proposal computer science server no purpose. The people who stayed in Afghanistan couldn't get higher education.

Afghanistan has already in 1988 been to space but today the Afghan educational system is in such shambles that students have never see. Even though many arguments have been made criticizing the status a nd rate of development of the educational system in Afghanistan; and. The Afghan higher education system has undergone considerable impr ovement since the end of the Taliban regime in 2001. Education System in Afghanistan.