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Funny essay about organizational behavior

funny essay about organizational behavior

stereotypes of classes further than that. Gentry class people would be horrified at the thought; they might respond to the same offense by filing a aztec calendar essay complaint with Human Resources. If the worlds being run by 80s, MC could be right to say its run by Elites and not Gentry, and UR could be right in saying its run by Brahmins and not Optimates. MC wants to locate the source of the cancer in the (mostly plutocrat) Elites, cast the (mostly liberal) Gentry as wonderful people who can do no wrong, cast the (mostly conservative) Labor as deluded and paranoid, and cast the (liberal-aligned) Underclass in a sympathetic light. Siderea writes an essay on class in America. Just to give an example: suppose a lady comes in with really over-permed dyed curly hair wearing several rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Optimates are very rich wasps concerned with breeding and old money.

funny essay about organizational behavior

To be in labor you need skills, to be in gentry you need education, and to be in elite you need connections. Siderea links to Michael Churchs attempt to explain what the classes actually are.

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Siderea admits she is classist and not ashamed of this. But there are also some profound differences. 1.5 of people are in the elite class. UR says that the Elites are mostly gone, that everythings ruled by the Gentry nowadays, and that the Gentry are allying with the criminal Underclass against Labor. Even if community college does a great job teaching whatever trades it teaches, it will not teach you how to be a part of the upper class, and this will seriously limit your opportunities. But a related digression: lots of people complain about social justice being classist, in that its hard for anybody who hasnt either gone to college or at least spent a lot of time hanging around social justice people to keep track of which words, opinions. The Elite neutralize this threat by making Labor hate Gentry as effeminate or pretentious; they also convince Labor that the Gentry are probably secretly in cahoots with the underclass against Labor. Theyd all be much more interesting if they analyzed the effect on class instead. I think there are two equally correct ways to interpret this. If different classes are equivalent to different cultures, well, there are a lot of different cultures that dont fit easily into the hierarchy.

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