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Spread buddhism china thesis

spread buddhism china thesis

it and uses logic to support why the cause of suspicion is illogical. Buddhism's influence declined considerably provided that Confucianism was gaining a stronger foothold inside of Chinese society because of their pride and nationalism. Zhi Dun, a Chinese scholar in circa 350.E., stated that anyone who follows in the foot steps of Buddha and commits to the religion, will behold the Buddha and be enlightened in his spirit, and then he will enter Nirvana, (Document 2). "The Spread Of Buddhism To China Dbq History Essay." All Answers Ltd. In Pure Land, one cannot become enlightened themselves through their own efforts because people have become so defiled so it is impossible. Many educated Chinese supported the religion as they created written records highlighting the appealing aspects of the ose in direct control over China showed. During the 1st century.E. Buddhism is no more than a cult of barbarian peoples spread to, china." In that statement alone, the authors thought of the religion is exposed. Many people use buddhism as a way to end suffering and reach enlightenment. China, when people met, buddhism for the very first time, people had many mixed reactions. And 570.E., many Confucian and Buddhist scholars viewed Buddhism as a positive, unifying force for China during that tough time of instability because it gave the people something to look to for hope. It describes how if you follow the customs of this religion, then when your soul passes away your spirit will become enlightened and you will enter Nirvana.

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Many Chinese accepted Buddhism and defended its policies while others rejected Buddhism as a religion and solution to political and social problems. The main aim of Buddhism was to show each person how to lead a better life. The background information I was given explains that since China was unstable at this time Confucianism was on the how to start a storytelling essay decline which made Buddhism easier to rise. Han Yu's memorial (Document 4) and the Emperor's edict in Document 6 both blame Buddhism for tainting the people of China. Buddhism, Dukkha, Four Noble Truths 1238 Words 5 Pages Open Document China and Japan's Religion China and Japan China has been a multi-religion country since the ancient times. The Rejection of Buddhism stems from the foreign nature. There are multiple reasons why and how Buddhism spread in China. As a high class scholar who probably didnt feel threatened by invading nomads, he never really reflected on how the lower class people felt and if they felt any danger towards them.

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